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We have adapted the builder’s yard in Marpod to chime with Romania‘s current needs. A large part of the labour force leaves for countries in the West, including the workers who were trained with us. In that sense our training programme can be seen as succeeding, but it also presents us with further problems. Literacy training of those Roma who have stayed behind is needed, empowerment of women and work training for those left out are the challenges we face.

In Marpod:
• Building trade
• Gardening
• Repair shop
• Carpentry shop
• Pottery workshop

In Hosman:

  • Bakery
  • Canteen
  • Looking after guests

In Ţichindeal:
• Weaving shop

First and foremost our permanent staff organises workshops – housekeeping, baking and cooking, table culture, service, looking after guests, cleaning, gardening and stock-keeping. The warehouse for building materials, supplies and technical equipment supports local initiatives.

The previous manager of the carpentry workshop, Andrei Lasac, has now taken it over as an independent business. He trains young people in partnership with ELIJAH. The pottery and art workshop are particularly popular with young women, with dedicated courses for the Social Centres, headed by Angela King, who has helped shape our social projects for over 30 years.