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A first step

There is no running water in the Roma huts in Ţichindeal, and is a long and exhausting trip to the well in the centre of the village. The street is poor and when it rains, one sinks into the mud. The hygienic circumstances are indescribable. Under these conditions, it is unthinkable to wash clothes or to bathe the children.

All together, we have dug a deep well right beside the Roma settlement and built a well-house to deliver good water to the Ţichindeal population. Now even in winter, the families can access clean water. From Resi’s well-house flows the water of life and love. The building and its benches invite you to linger and it has become a social meeting-place.

Now drinking and washing is easy. Mothers can do the laundry and the children learn to wash themselves and to brush their teeth. A luxury!