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Friendships give children strength

The Social Centre Casa Susanna cares for 50 children and their families from the Cartier Marghita neighbourhood.

Five years ago, 85% of children did not attend school and a kindergarten did not exist. Now all small ones go to kindergarten and most older ones go to school. The school board confirms our success.

The relationship of the children from the Roma settlement with the other village children is pleasant to watch. More and more children from the whole village visit the Social Centre. In the past, there were often arguments, but today they are friends.

The Social Centre “Casa Susanna” is a place for play and study and a meeting-place for mothers and children. We pay attention to hygiene and give lessons on how to brush one’s teeth and keep one’s body clean. The women also have access to a washroom with a large sink. Here they can do their laundry at specific times – many families have no water at home.