New project: A house of stone “Casa de piatra”

Many problems worry Roma families in Nocrich, it starts with the living condition. If three generations are sharing a room, it is difficult, being together, and nearly impossible, to escape from misery. ELIJAH helps. With our project “Casa the piatra” we are building family houses. Translated it says “A house of stone” and is a wish in Rumania at a couple’s wedding. Solidarity within the family and a stable housing!
Conditions to participate in our project are:
The mayor provides the building ground.
The fathers are working for a living.
And they help along the construction of the house.
The children are going to school. They are learning.

The construction of the houses relies on the local way to build. Using natural material we are building simple and stable.

This is a house we inaugurated in August, a family has moved in and is making it their home.


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Detailled insights in our work are given in the Letters of Father Georg from Transilvania: Letters from Father Georg.

„We go to where the need is greatest. Like the prophet Elijah, we stand up against injustice and bring the Roma children from the margins to the centre of society.“  Father Georg Sporschill SJ, founder of ELIJAH

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