Easter greetings from Romania, April 2021:


I read on a Jewish grave stone. I can't get these three words out of my heart. Tonight we celebrate the feast of liberation. Therefore, we can also say: Liberated. There are a lot of things, where we long for liberation. Here we have to close houses because of Covid and find ways to get through these difficult times with our children and families.

Easter is making us strong, so we don’t have to stop dreaming, daring and living."

by Ruth Zenkert and Father Georg Sporschill SJ

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Detailled insights in our work are given in the Letters of Father Georg from Transilvania: Letters from Father Georg.

„We go to where the need is greatest. Like the prophet Elijah, we stand up against injustice and bring the Roma children from the margins to the centre of society.“  Father Georg Sporschill SJ, founder of ELIJAH

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