Many, many children, dirty and undernourished. Most of them do not go to school. At home they cannot study, there is no table and no light. Mothers, much too young, surrounded by their small children. The fathers have neither training nor work. Some of them are day labourers, but their inconsiderable wages are not enough to feed the children. Trash everywhere, on the streets, in the yard, in the house. Corrugated metal, plastic, almost anything is fastened to the clay huts for protection against the wind and the cold. Women and children must carry water home in pails and plastic bottles from the village well. There are no cupboards or closets, no household utensils, no provisions, no reserves whatever for an emergency.

The goal of the Association ELIJAH is to help families at home, help children out of their distress, and to enable them to build a future for themselves by their own efforts. Support for families, procurement of documents, homework supervision, renovation of their huts and the Music School: these all are offers the Roma gladly accept.

„We go to where the need is greatest. Like the prophet Elijah, we stand up against injustice and bring the Roma children from the margins to the centre of society.“  Father Georg Sporschill SJ, founder of ELIJAH

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