God writes wonderful stories

During a visit by Jesuit Fathers from Italy, Malta and Romania, there was a festive welcome at ELIJAH. Fr. Georg Sporschill SJ welcomed with many children the Provincial of the European Mediterranean Province Fr. Roberto Del Riccio SJ and his confreres Fr. Michael Bugeja SJ, Fr. Henryk Urban SJ and Fr. Piero Loredan SJ.


The joy and the honor of this friendly meeting were expressed at a big concert in the village of Nou. Under the direction of the new ELIJAH music school director Primo Salvati, the children made music in the old Protestant parish church. Right next to it, in the ELIJAH music school Casa Thomas, they had prepared for the big party during the holidays.

When we were together in the evening in the ELIJAH community, Father Provincial Roberto SJ remembered his first meeting with Father Sporschill SJ 35 years ago in Austria: "At that time I was not a Jesuit myself and I saw a lot. Today, 35 years later, I see wonderful things in Romania. God writes stories with our lives." The orthodox pastor Calin was happy about the ecumenical movement in Hosman.

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„We go where the need is greatest. Like the prophet Elijah, we stand up against injustice and bring the Roma children from the margins to the centre of society.“  Father Georg Sporschill SJ, founder of ELIJAH

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