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In Casa Francisc in Sibiu the young people live in shared flats. House manager Bogdan Mihulet looks after the minors and the beginners in particular. Shared activities are organised and he supervises them in their household duties. The house residents take care of cooking and cleaning. Hygiene, good forms of interaction, conflict resolution, counselling on personal issues – many topics are discussed in the weekly sessions.

Fixed study periods help the students to find their personal learning rhythm and to pass their exams. Bogdan keeps contact with the teachers and knows where he has to lend a hand. He also talks to the families, so he knows of current problems and keeps the parents informed about all developments.

House rules facilitate living together on good terms: alcohol and smoking bans, curfew, bedtime, etc. provide the daily framework. Like the Ten Commandments, „You will not … steal, resort to violence, skip school, …“ are their resolutions, because they feel comfortable in the community and want to complete their education. Those of full age and the students enjoy more freedoms but also bear more responsibilities. They take over night duties with the minors. A good schooling for both sides.

Recreation rooms for sports and music are situated in the basement. Here anyone who has learned an instrument in the ELIJAH music school finds friends with whom to continue making music.