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Marpod full of energy (Oct/Nov)

Every corner of our new center in Marpod is busy – it is being built, furnished and filled with life: the new community house is inhabited, we already celebrate services in the new chapel, we eat in the common room, the animal stalls close by are occupied, the carpentery is busy, an atelier for an art workshop and storage rooms are being built.
The building yard is still being renovated with the help of our strong team. Lots of plans and ideas are bursting with energy. It’s a fresh start.

Rich harvest (September)

Our agricultural training is bearing fruit. A variety of vegetables and fruits could be harvested in autumn. It is cooked for daily lunch in our home economics school and also preserved for the winter. Peppers are pickled, vegetable-spreads are made, jams are cooked.

Family housing (August)

Full of energy we are currently building new family houses in Nou. A house of our project “Casa de piatra” has just been finished, the family already moved in.
Our Carpentry has built windows and doors as well as the furniture, and also worked on some new decorative elements, which makes the houses look even more welcoming.

Sports field in Nou (July/August)

The construction of our sports field in Nou in front of the Social Centre Casa Martin is completed. Regular football trainings already take place. Also the parents are taking their chances to kick the ball.

Growth in our kitchen (June)

Dragos Stratulat is the cook in our Housekeeping School Stella Matutina. He adds new dishes to our menu in Hosman and passes on skills on how to prepare fresh and varied meals to our trainees. The shared lunches of all employees, trainees and cohabitants have turned to a joyous, daily event again.

Social centres and Music school re-opened (June)

Our Social Centres and Music School have officially re-opened again. Music lessons, homework club and outdoor exercises are on our programme.

Enhanced Carpentry (May)

Our ELIJAH-trainee programme for the youth, the Carpentry, has moved to Marpod on our building yard. The newly built workshop offers more space. For now it provides 7 youngsters the possibilty to complete a work training. They learn to build furniture as also renovate them.

First cattle at our model farm (May)

At our model farm in Marpod first cattle moved in. Families have the opportunity to learn everything about upbringing of calves, chicken, pigs and sheep, to be self-supplied in near future.

Smell of fresh bread (May)

Our employees and trainees can bake again in Casa Marie and distribute the daily bread to poor families in the villages. The Bakery moved to a bigger hall in Hosman and provides more space for futher trainees.

Aid packages to families (March)

In this emergency situation we distribute aid packages to poor families in the villages nearby weekly: ELIJAH ajutâ. ELIJAH helps.