Social centres

At the heart of our activity are the four social centers, the first port of call for the needy Roma. Here, ELIJAH employees advise and support the families and offer all the children a loving place. Especially in winter our bright and heated rooms are an important shelter. The primary objective of these institutions is to provide existential security and a non-violent place, especially for children and adolescents through food, water, hygiene, warmth and relationships. First if these basic needs are a promotion of the children done.

In the morning we take care of little children, they play, make and make music together with our teachers. We carry out the everyday personal hygiene with the children and convey important routines. We teach young mothers in baby care, hygiene and healthy eating. At noon the children gather after the kindergarten and the school for dinner together at our table, for many this is the only warm meal of the day. With the support of our educators, the schoolchildren do their homework. In the afternoon, leisure activities are on the program. It is always a happy togetherness. The families can use the sanitary facilities and the laundry room in the centers, there are dressing rooms and sewing and ironing rooms.