Social centres

With our social centers in Hosman, Nou, Ţichindeal, Nocrich and Marpod we have created safe, non-violent places for Roma mothers and their children.

In the mornings we provide in all social centers Childcare. The families can use the sanitary facilities and laundry rooms, the mothers learn about baby care, hygiene and nutritious food. Social workers help with everyday problems.

After school, all the children come together for lunch. For many, it's the only warm meal of a day. Our apprentice chefs prepare a simple, healthy meal with vegetables and meat from our farm.

The youth club takes place twice a week in Hosman and Nou. It is the only evening offer in the village and is very popular.

Social centres

• Drinking water
• Sanitary facilities
• Medical facilities
• baby club
• homework lessons
• Cooked meals
• Youth club