Stella Matutina

House of learning and hospitality

In April 2016, after a long preparation period, we were able to open our new training house. With “Stella Matutina” the small village got a new center. We have created a place of togetherness and learning for employees, volunteers, protégés, Roma families from the village and guests. Here we dedicate ourselves to the education of young women in the household school. They learn the correct handling and processing of food, hygiene, cleaning methods and the preservation of fruit and vegetables. Every day the pupils cook lunch and dinner in the school kitchen for the ELIJAH community, the social centre and the apprentices from the workshops. In the sewing seminar girls learn basic textile techniques, bags and work aprons are made, clothes are also repaired and changed.This includes fabric science, sewing on buttons and mastering various seams. The use of a sewing machine is a great incentive. This is how bags and work aprons are made, and clothing is also repaired and changed.