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Dormitory in Sibiu

In the remote villages there are no further training opportunities for young people after eight years of compulsory schooling. These are around thirty kilometers away in the district city of Sibiu. In order to continue to accompany our children on their educational path, we have built a student dormitory in Sibiu. We can now continue to promote the higher education of the children from our villages in secondary schools. In Casa Francisc in the center of the city we offer 35 pupils and students places in residential groups. The first two groups have moved in.

Relocation of Casa Martin in Nou

The new social center Casa Martin in Nou is ready. We have expanded our offer to include a toddler group, kitchen including dining room and auditorium. The former social center Casa Thomas serves now as a music school.

Completion Cartier Marghita

After more than two years of work, the Cartier Marghita settlement in Nocrich has been completed. We have built winter-proof houses for families. The social center Casa Susanna is the heart of the settlement.

Child security in focus

We have introduced many innovations as part of our child protection initiative. Children’s rights and preventive measures are dealt with in the parental school, youth counseling service and further training for employees.

Music luminary at our raven dance

The internationally known conductor and El Sistema director Ron Alvarez from Venezuela was the artistic director of our children’s raven dance, which was attended by more than a thousand people.

Award for ELIJAH

Ruth Zenkert was honored for her work in the villages by the mayor of the large municipality of Roșia with the award “Excellence for social projects”.
The University of Udine has awarded Father Georg an honorary doctorate for his life’s pedagogical work.