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Building yard in Marpod

A plot of land was acquired in Marpod, on which our new ELIJAH training center for carpentry, building and agriculture will be housed in the future. We are building a stable and a feed barn for the animals. We want to create a model project in agriculture with livestock farming and ecological field management.

Renovation of the rectory in Nou

Every day the social center in Nou is full of children. We cannot even invite everyone because we lack in seats in our classrooms. Music students willing to learn have to wait until autumn because there are no more practice rooms available. The house is bursting at the seams. Fortunately, the evangelical congregation sells their rectory, which has been empty for 30 years. We want to take it over, renovate and fill it with life. In the new “Casa Martin” there will be space for the many children in the village who are hungry, need help and want to learn. We will also expand the offerings for families in need and are planning childcare and a doctor’s practice.