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Raven dance (July)

Our musical summer festival, the Rabentanz, was held this year for the first time in the community hall in the neighboring village of Rosia.

The crowd was huge – over two thousand guests came – and the music school was too small for the many who wanted to participate and be there.

The orchestra has grown, every child has been given the opportunity to play music on stage, that was important to our music school directors Félix and Samuel.

10 years : Casa Sonja (April)

The Casa Sonja music school in Hosman is full of life. Whispers, excitement, laughter. Music can be heard everywhere. The children are practicing for the big summer event, the Raven Dance, where the entire ELIJAH community, families and joy will come together.

At the two music schools, Casa Sonja and Casa Thomas in Nou, over 300 children are given music lessons. 21 dedicated teachers teach the children how to play 14 different instruments. Roma and Romanians come together here. Friendships develop, living together becomes normal. The children’s self-confidence grows. Hope for a better future arises.

This year Casa Sonja is 10 years old. Thank you for your support!

Music sounds (January)

Finally another concert in Casa Nou: the ELIJAH orchestra with members from both music schools, the Satra Regala and the dance group (both from the Casa Thomas music school) perform together.