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Second start-up flat (Nov)

The second start-up flat in Sibiu for young graduates has been completed. Four more girls who lived in the Casa Francisc student residence until they graduated have now moved in. The girls pay the additional costs themselves and regularly take part in the supervision at Casa Francisc.

Music for children (August)

A music camp for 35 of our music students took place in Casa Francisc for four days. The program was diverse, music was in the foreground. The intensive rehearsals for the diverse program paid off: the final concert impressed the audience.

Raven Dance and 10-year Anniversary (July)

The final concert of the ELIJAH music schools took place in Hosman on July 1st. The children played for the first time under the spirited leadership of our South American music school directors Samuel and Félix. We had to expand the stage for the large orchestra. The excitement was written on everyone’s faces. The finale was the ELIJAH anthem and the birthday song to ELIJAH for the club’s 10th anniversary. It was touching to be able to perform in front of an audience again – parents, siblings, the villagers, mayors and many friends of ELIJAH celebrated with us. This film provides a vivid insight.

Higher education (May)

Our first start-up flat in Sibiu is fully furnished. Four residents of our Casa Francisc student residence were now able to move into their first apartment together after completing their training. The women are between 21 and 23 years old, all come from poor backgrounds and are now looking for a job in Sibiu.

From the Ukraine (April)

In the last two months, many Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Romania. Two families found their way to ELIJAH. They come from the embattled city of Kharkiv. They found a place to stay in the volunteer accommodation in the village of Hosman. The refugees are already well integrated. The mothers work in the pottery, the children go to school, and one boy is already considered a star in the local football club.
The war has come very close to us; many in Romania fear that history could repeat itself; the country was under communist rule until 1989.

In the name of muisc (March)

Enthusiastic by their impressions in Paris, Dorian and Alex reported to their colleagues in the music schools.

They were part of the 120-piece orchestra from the 27 EU member states, which was put together on the occasion of the French EU Council Presidency. Dorian (flute) and Alex (violin) took part in the intensive rehearsal program in Paris from February 19th to 26th. On the last day they performed in a brilliant concert in front of representatives of the EU countries and the French President. You can watch the whole performance afterwards at Philharmonie Live and Arte Concert.

The two boys are an example of friendship and mutual acceptance. They are role models for their families and their music colleagues.

Caravan of doctors (February)

The health of children is important to us, which is why ELIJAH organized a comprehensive health initiative in our villages this month: doctors visited all children on site and examined them. Our medical staff from the doctor’s practice in Hosman were actively involved.

Social center in Hosman re-opened (January)

The maintenance work was completed and our Casa Paul social center in Hosman is now open to all children again. Around 30 children come to us every day – school children do their homework here, then they can play with building blocks and Lego, learn an instrument at the ELIJAH music school or we go for a walk outside together.