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Housekeeping school Stella Matutina in Hosman

In April 2016, after a long period of preparation, we were able to open our new training center. All of our apprentices worked hard to complete all construction work on the house on time. The team from the educational garden project planted trees and created a garden around the house. Children and young people from our music school have eagerly prepared for the festival and proudly performed the rehearsed songs and dances. With the opening of “Stella Matutina”, the small village got a new center. Every day Roma women cook lunch and dinner in the school kitchen for the ELIJAH community, the social center and the apprentices from the workshops.

Renovating the social center in Hosman

At the wish of the Archbishop of Alba Iulia, ELIJAH has taken over the partly destroyed Catholic Church in Hosman. From the small parsonage and the former German Catholic school, a social center has emerged for the Roma families living in the village.
The renovation work on the building complex was carried out by local companies and our own carpentry workshop. It was necessary to secure the walls and roof, as well as to instalate sanitary facilities for water and heating. We included the local residents in the project, which gave many fathers the opportunity to work and learn.