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I grew up in a family of teachers where I was taught as a child to distinguish between rich and poor, Roma and Romanians. I want to teach my child something different. Namely, that all people are equal, regardless of their religion, ethnicity and financial situation. We have to learn to respect each other. And that applies to all people. I want to leave something behind, that’s what the ELIJAH association does. It shapes and leaves something behind. That is why I have decided to work here. I want all children to learn to fly. I am proud that children who could not read and write two years ago are singing to the score in the big square in Sibiu and winning prizes in national competitions. They attend vocational schools and help their families.

In December 2022, Antoaneta Ghisoiu, 48, took over the operational management of the ELIJAH works in Romania from Ruth Zenkert. She has been with ELIJAH since its foundation in 2012 and built up the social projects in Nou.