Casa Francisc

Access to education is the key against poverty. As we give children and youth the opportunity to attend school we lay a foundation for their future. This has a deep impact on Roma families.

For many children to go to high school would be not possible without our financial and organisational support. We encourage talented Roma, who completed basic education and wish to continiue school at a gymnasium or training school.

Since September 2019 the hostel for students "Casa Francisc" in Sibiu provides a place to stay for ambitious students from the villages to continue higher education in town.

Securing the future

As the school year has started in September 2019 the first inhabitants have moved in our ELIJAH hostel for students "Casa Francisc" in Sibiu. Here we continue our efforts to support education for all children. We encourage children from the villages to continue school after their basic education - at a gymnasium or a training school in town.
We have built small living units that create a familial surrounding. Youth from the age of 16 to 18 are supervised here by our educators from Monday to Friday. We start and end every day with shared meals, we have set regular study hours and offer various group activities - f.e. visit of conerts or sports. Members of the ELIJAH music school have their own music hall for rehearsal. We started a youth club for games and fun with friends. We aim to prepare and guide the youth in their new surrounding into a self-dependent future.