Nicu Schiau

The father of Father Georg Sporschill was a building contractor, his son became a priest. I am also a building contractor, but my son is not a priest, he is a computer scientist. When my wife and I got married, the priest came to our apartment. A public ceremony would have been impossible, during the Ceaucescu dictatorship one was not allowed to be interested in religion at all. That is why I am very glad that I can make up for it now.

I founded my construction company in 1996 and employed three workers in the first few years. Now I’ve been working with Elijah for five years and now I employ 14 people and four apprentices. In Austria I have seen interesting buildings and got new know-how, which I also want to use in Romania. For every new house that we build together and in which people find an apartment or a job, I am infinitely happy and grateful. I dream that we can still help many children. I feel really comfortable with my tasks and the people here – so Elijah has become a second family for me.