The rhythm runs through all my tasks with ELIJAH: Early in the morning I start the morning prayer – there I play drums and cajon, while Ali plays the piano. After breakfast I collect all the children, then we march together to our social centre Casa Paul. Why my name is Beatbox? Actually, my name is Florin, but anyone who has ever listened to me imitate drums and other instruments with their mouth and nose will quickly understand my nickname. For the people on the streets of Hosman it’s always a funny sight, when I go over to Casa Paul with about 15 children, accompanied by drums, scratches and clapping hands. Even little Mirabela – I always push her sitting on my bike because she has a malformed foot – is enthusiastic about it. I have also been limping since my childhood, so the daily walks are very difficult for me. In the social centre we make learning games, we draw and do gymnastics. On some days the children are a bit restless, but after a short beatbox session in between everyone quickly gets back to the right rhythm.