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ELIJAH » Liviu, supervises agriculture

Liviu, supervises agriculture

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Liviu Sferle, 42, looks after animals and fields with the villagers. The interview was taken in fall 2019. Since then building yard is already finished and in use.

ELIJAH: Summer, the busiest time in agriculture is over, what tasks have you and your team done?

Liviu: We have cleaned all fields and areas and prepared them for winter and for sowing. In addition, hay and grain were harvested and stored as animal feed. We have 14 hectares of land that are being cultivated, so there is a lot to be done. The help from Austria from experts Josef Reiter and volunteer Martin was important. I like working in the field, outdoors, I enjoy it.

ELIJAH: How do the families benefit from our agricultural project?

Liviu: We create jobs and train apprentices. We also raise animals at the construction yard in Marpod, we have ten pigs and thirty chickens. Three families from the village were taught how to care for the pigs. You get a wooden barn from ELIJAH and take over the pigs for self-sufficiency. There are enough new candidates for the project to continue.

ELIJAH: What preliminary work still needs to be done before winter?

Liviu: The missing equipment such as harrows and mowers for cultivation were procured used in Austria and brought to Romania. We must now apply natural fertilizer from animal waste to the entire agricultural area and prepare the slaughter of pigs. The meat is cut up and processed in our own butcher’s shop.

ELIJAH: When will the cows move into the building yard?

Liviu: The animals will come in March. The hall for tractor and equipment as well as the fodder are ready, as are the employees’ homes.