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ELIJAH » For all the chances

For all the chances

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“Every human life begins several times …” (Tudor Arghezi)

God, how much I thank you for your always wonderful, always new way of bringing us back to life.
For about 3 weeks I have been living in a community in which God is so present that I even meet him in the places and people where I least expected it. I met God in the joy of eating the daily bread that is blessed, broken and shared by the whole Elijah family. I’ve met God in people who don’t believe in him, but who live so calmly, simply and beautifully.
I met God in the village children who come to the social center and are full of energy, enthusiasm, sometimes fear, sometimes joy, but above all are filled with the need to love and be loved.
And Lord, how much I love your way of balancing the world that you send us to help the little ones, the poor and the needy. And when we find them, we actually find ourselves again. In the dynamic of your goodness fill our lives with meaning.
Thank you, Father, for the gift of being around children every day, even if all the troubles at home sometimes hurt their hearts. Thank you that you can just be brother, sister or mother here with us for a few hours a day …
Thank you so much for all of the chances to make us feel at home, accepted, welcomed and loved.

Benedicta Toma, 23, volunteer with Elijah[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]