Anto, supervises social work

Social centers had to reinvent themselves last year, 2020, in order to support children and their education.

Fortunately, our children completed the 1st semester well, it had been strictly online. We had equipped our social centers with old computers so that the children could follow the lessons here and then do their homework with the support of our teachers. Now in the second semester, the kindergartens, elementary schools and the final classes of secondary school (8th and 12th grades) have opened their doors again. The remaining year will continue to be taught online. The children with online lessons can still follow them on the computers in our social centers. At 1 p.m., the children come to us from school and do their homework here. So the social centers are always full of life!

The children have come to appreciate the advantages of school. In the last few months they have not felt categorically discriminated, have received a lot of attention from us, and access to education - like any other child. That motivated them and boosted their self-confidence.