Social centre Habakuk

Learning to learn

Almost 200 inhabitants still live in Tichindeal, the majority of the village population are Roma. The Romanians, who used to live here, moved to the cities. Most Roma have not completed school education, the young girls become mothers – mostly much too early. Since there is no water, often no electricity and no table in the huts, the young parents are unable to bring the children to school. Without help, the problems continue into the next generation.

Eating and playing together
In the social centre Habakuk more than 40 children get a warm meal after school. Sad children learn to play here – without aggression, together and full of joie de vivre. The playground “Parcul Livia” is the big attraction in Tichindeal.

Education makes ravens fly
The supervision of homework by our teachers in the afternoon enables many children to attend school. The first ones have started a higher education beyond the compulsory school leaving certificate. For this they need money for bus tickets or for boarding school, both of which overwhelm the families. We support them, success incites others. More than 30 young people are already attending secondary school in the nearby town of Sibiu.

Going into a future
The young mothers are hardly grown up themselves. They do not go to the doctor. They are not familiar with the care and good nutrition of newborns. Once a week the girls come with their babies to Lili’s social centre. They bathe the children, cream them, weigh them, ask questions. Together, the little ones take their first steps towards a hopeful life.