Social centre Casa Susanna

Daily care in house number four

Like all ELIJAH villages, the “Cartier Marghita” also received a social centre. Together with the people in the “Casa Susanna” we want to walk the way out of misery: In the morning the children of our “Cartier Marghita” who are not yet ready for school come together there and are lovingly cared for. At noon there is a warm meal for them and their mothers. In the afternoon schoolchildren are looked after with their homework.

Meeting point for learning and playing
The social centre “Casa Susanna” is a place to play and learn and a meeting place for mothers and children. It pays attention to hygiene and teaches how to brush teeth and keep the body clean. The women are also provided with a laundry room with a large sink, where they can wash at certain times – because the families have no water in the house.