Social centre Casa Paul

Experience community
ELIJAH has been operating Casa Paul social centre in Hosman since 2017. Since then, the facility has been filled with life every day. Mothers bring their toddlers to care in the morning or gather for a baby reunion. After school, the schoolchildren come for lunch together and do their homework under the care of the ELIJAH teachers.

Karate for the girls
In the afternoon, the children do handicrafts and paint and learn to get along while playing. Karate classes are held once a week. Many girls take part, which strengthens their self-confidence. Singing and making music with rhythmic instruments also appeals to the youngest.

Counselling and medicine
The medical care of the Roma families is a central concern of ELIJAH and one of the focal points of its work in Hosman. ELIJAH finances the weekly consultation hours of a medical practitioner with an assistant in Hosman and a dentist.