Social centre Casa Martin

Everyone is welcome

The social center Casa Martin was reopened 2019 at the beginning of the school and is now full of life. The house is again a safe and loving place for children where they can play and learn. To make things easier for mothers, we have introduced childcare as a new addition to Casa Martin. The youngest are introduced to a structured daily routine by our teachers in the morning and playfully prepared for the start of school. This gives mothers the opportunity to go to work. Our educators take care of school homework of the older ones, give them learning assistance and prepare them for the final exams in the study club. The direct connection to the music school in the Casa Thomas enables close cooperation. From now on we can give concerts in the Renate Hall on the top floor. An important innovation is the kitchen and dining room in the house. We prepare fresh food ourselves every day and have enough space for all children. A new sports field on the neighboring property was built in 2020 and has been in use since then. Life pulsates here every day – from sports activities for children and adults to outdoor music lessons.