Educational workshop

Repairs and furniture construction

We have renovated an old barn and converted it into a joinery training workshop. Here ten young people learn the basics of woodworking under the guidance of our master Andrei. Benches, stools, shelves, cupboards and doors are in the program. The apprentices learn to arrive punctually and daily at the workplace and to carry out orders exactly. Lessons in the basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic and measuring are incorporated into everyday working life.

Mediating in employment
With our training workshop, we give young people without school-leaving qualifications the opportunity to obtain a basic qualification. This activity secures a long-term existence for them and their families. We would like to place the young people with construction companies in the surrounding area, but we also support them in finding a job themselves.

As soon as they have acquired the basics of the trade, they are used for the renovation and maintenance of the ELIJAH buildings and the huts of the Roma families. The living conditions of the needy families, whose houses we renovate or rebuild and who we supply with furniture, are improved at the same time.