New training centre

Comprehensive qualification

The education of young people determines the future of Roma families. That is why we support young people in becoming able to work in order to find employment. So far ELIJAH has created five proven training areas: Horticulture, agriculture, building trade, carpentry and household.

The workshops have been merged into one unit – “Training and Work” – to create synergies. Thus, the young people can be trained in the related areas of work. We are currently developing two training centres, the Bauhof in Marpod and the Haushaltsschule in Hosman.

New workshop in the village of Marpod
The carpentry business has got off to a very good start in the first few years, which is why we want to expand it. On the new premises in Marpod, among other things, the workshop with around 280 m2 is being built, which will double in size and will soon employ 12 young people. As soon as they have learned the basics of the trade, they will be used for maintenance work in the ELIJAH villages and facilities. We want to place the qualified young people with construction companies in the surrounding area, but we also support them in finding a job themselves.