The carpenter’s workshop is an exemplary training project of ELIJAH. The project was growing over the years, therefor we could expand the place. The new workshop in Marpod is twice as large with around 280 m2 and employs 12 young people. Here young people learn the basics of wood processing under the guidance of our master Andrei. New furniture, windows and doors are manufactured: benches, stools, shelves, cupboards and doors are in the program. Old pieces are being restored too. The work pieces are in use in ELIJAH buildings and in the homes of families in the villages. The apprentices learn to show up at work on time regularly and to carry out orders precisely. Lessons in the basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic and measuring flow into everyday work.

Once they have learned the basics of the craft, they will be used for maintenance work in the ELIJAH villages and facilities. We want to refer the qualified young people to construction companies in the area, but we also support them in finding a job themselves.