Agriculture and Farming

Improving self-sufficiency

The ELIJAH agricultural project in Marpod includes animal welfare, vegetable cultivation and agriculture. It is intended to serve as a model for the villagers. The goal is a sheltered job or good practical training in order to find a job or to become self-sufficient. We also train apprentices. The project multiplies the job opportunities on the free market.

Our agriculture supplies eggs, milk, meat, cheese to our bakery, household school, social center and student dormitory.

Animals are a status symbol and an important source of supply. We keep cows, calves, bulls, goats, pigs, rabbits and chickens in our construction yard in Marpod. The cow-shed was completed in 2020.
We impart knowledge about preservation of meat and hygiene to the Roma in courses. Families process their own animals in the ELIJAH premises and are looked after and supported. In addition, the butcher supplies our social centers and the entire ELIJAH community with meat and sausage products.

We installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of the carpentry in Marpod in 2020 which serves as an energy source.