Qualification Projects of ELIJAH

Building Yard in Marpod:
• Agriculture and Farming
• Carpentry
• Gardening
• Building housing
• Workshops

Community Casa Le Chaim:
• Pottery

Housekeeping School in Hosman:
• Bakery
• Kitchen
• House keeping


Vocational training in Romania takes place exclusively in secondary schools. These are usually unattainable for Roma, which reduces the chance of long-term employment. Many young people have no school-leaving qualifications at all, our work projects are the only way for them to earn an income.

Our aim is to promote the young people's ability to work. We have set up training workshops for this purpose. In the work trainings we teach young people basic technical knowledge of wood and metal processing, horticulture and household management as well as a lack of basic skills in writing, arithmetic and reading. The combination of work and learning under one roof side by side with our masters and supported by the social workers creates close personal relationships. This everyday working life promotes the social behaviour and personality development of the young people. As soon as the young Roma have learned the skills of the trade, they take over responsibility at ELIJAH or are transferred to local businesses.

Building Yard in Marpod

Housekeeping school in Hosman