Learn from the professional

Conductor and director of the "El Sistema" orchestra Ron Alvarez directed the Rabentanz music festival in July. The violonist held a rhythm workshop in Hosman, made music with teachers and children and was on stage at the Rabentanz music festival.

ELIJAH: Ron, you spent several days in the ELIJAH music school. What impressions did you get?

Ron: I was incredibly curious about the work of ELIJAH, as I myself have a similar project in Gothenburg. In the end, the great talent of the children really surprised me. They played passionately and have a great feeling for music and rhythm and are quick to learn. When I look into the eyes of a Roma child, I see my students in Venezuela.

ELIJAH: You yourself were a student of "El Sistema", the world-famous classical orchestra program by Jose Antonio Abreu for socially disadvantaged children. Can your way be an example for the youth here?

Ron: Absolutely, I've had the experience that music can completely change your life. I took violin lessons when I was seven, was the headmaster of the school in Caracas when I was 16, and began studying violin at the university when I was 17. It takes visionaries like Ruth to make a difference in children's lives.

ELIJAH: What recommendations do you have for the music school?

Ron: The curriculum should be developed specifically for all years. Technical subjects such as rhythm, reading music and breathing are important, but not very popular with children. This would enable the talents to develop their full potential.