Music schools

Music occupies a central place in the Roma tradition, as it does with ELIJAH. In our music school at the locations Casa Sonja (Hosman) and Casa Thomas (Nou) children can learn different instruments in individual and group lessons. We have a choir and several traditional and modern dance groups. In the large ELIJAH orchestra, the best students from all villages play together, there are small formations specialising in musical styles, and our ELIJAH Satra with musicians and solo singers.

Through the musical education the children experience the joy of learning. This increases their self-confidence and has a direct effect on their success at school. Music lessons are often an important motivation for attending primary school. In order to introduce even the youngest ones to music in a playful way, we have small "music boxes" with Orff-instruments for early musical education in the social centres.

The music school is open to all children. Contact is established between Roma and Romanian children, so far there have been deep rifts between the ethnic groups. By playing together in the orchestra, friendships develop. Events strengthen the integration of Roma families in the village community.

Audio samples of the Satra ELIJAH: