Music school Casa Sonja

The ravens learn to fly

Everybody’s invited. Teachers teach instruments, singing and dance. Over 200 students practice regularly. At concerts they show what they have learned. The parents look proudly at their children.

Harmony is when many tones unite to form a whole. In the Casa Sonja this harmony is created. It is unbelievable that they learn and play everything by ear, almost nobody has notes. Teachers and students come from different backgrounds. Dark and bright, Romanians, Bulgarians, Austrians, Germans, Japanese – unite to music and dance. Friendships develop. Students teach – and learn. The music schools develop more and more their own specialities. In Hosman Roma music and jazz are offered, in the Casa Thomas in Nou folklore is the most important thing for the accordion and saxophone groups.

Our music groups have already made a name for themselves in the Hosman area. The Schatra-ELIJAH performs nationwide at events, competitions and concerts and has already enthused audiences in Austria and Liechtenstein several times. The music ensembles play locally at festivals and weddings and thus secure a small income for themselves. Our cooperation with the Romanian Folk Museum Astra is already a tradition. We are supported and artistically developed by the Austrian Sibibiblue Friendship Band. This band, as well as the Musikhochschule München, teaches our musicians new knowledge in regular workshops.

Some audio samples of the Satra Elijah:

Elijah Hymn