Access to education is the most effective means of combating poverty. By giving children and young people the chance to attend school, we lay the foundation for a good life and can have a lasting influence on the future of Roma families. Traditionally, the value of schooling in the community is low, and parents can hardly do without the labor of their children. Girls are often married early to have them out of the house. We show them the way out of dependency – some lack a pair of shoes or an alarm clock, others have to be picked up each morning. At the beginning of school, we distribute school bags, clothing and teaching materials to the children.

We work closely with the teachers and school directors in the villages. This enables a targeted promotion of possible learning disabilities. The daily supervision of our teachers in the social centers is important for the school success, the children need attentive guidance and learning routines. Training young people beyond compulsory schooling is not financially and organisationally possible for families without our help. We support gifted Roma who want to attend a secondary school.