Building houses

From the hut to the house
A winterproof roof over the head.

In tiny, miserable huts made of clay, boards and various found objects, Roma families live in a very small space. Ten of them have to share a room. Especially the icy winter months are hard. The rain often causes the mud walls to collapse, the roofs are not watertight. There is no furniture, only worn out sofas and old ovens on which the food is prepared. It is impossible to keep things tidy, there is no washing facility. We build new houses with our fathers, stable and winterproof. What is possible, we renovate and install new windows and doors. In the workshops, apprentices make beds, boxes and tables for their families.

Cartier Marghita

A new Roma settlement – A village flourishes

From a desolated Roma settlement in Nocrich has become a new housing complex “Cartier Marghita” and our Social centre “Casa Susanna”. Only 2017 Hepatitis has haunted the villagers. Therefore ELIJAH decided to start a cooperation with the village to establish new housing in Nocrich. The community offered the building ground. As the houses were erected the families were involved and helped along. Every house has electricity now.

Cleanliness and appreciation
In order to strengthen appreciation of the own housing several steps have been taken. A group of women are regularly taking care of a clean village, clean walkways and backyards. Social workers assure families of the importance of school education and hygiene at home. Access to water is provided in the Social centre. The mayor assured all houses water supply in near future. It is a new challenge to get used to live in a new and clean house, we support the families in this process. Main task will be to provide employment to the adults in the village.