Family support

The plight of Roma families in Romania is great. Without labor income and social benefits, the large community lacks the money to provide food and clothing on a daily basis, as well as adequate housing. Often, more than ten people without running water and electricity live on a few square meters in rundown settlements on the edge of the village.

Our social workers go daily to the families to learn about their fate. They bring clean clothes, food and everyday goods. We get the necessary documents and support the parents in dealing with authorities, health issues and finding work. We bring children and young people to the social centers, enroll them at school and accompany their development. To improve the living conditions ELIJAH built modern, winter-proof houses with garden and toilets. In the construction work, the men from the villages support us energetically, big is the desire for a warm and dry home. With livestock and vegetable cultivation, we promote self-sufficiency, through wells there are drinking water in the settlements for the first time. Bit by bit the villages are changing.