The religious life at ELIJAH is our daily framework: Every morning we meet for morning prayer in the chapel, the "Casa Ruth". It is always run by another roommate of the ELIJAH community. Every evening we celebrate mass with Father Georg.

We live the ecomene. The best example is the friendship between Father Călin, the Orthodox priest in Hosman, and Father Georg. Father Călin is often our guest, we exchange ideas and eat together.

With the Jesuits

The cooperation with the Jesuit community in Cluj is gratifying. Father Jani Miklos SJ regularly comes to our workshops with young people and arranges Romanian volunteers who support ELIJAH.

Among many visits, Fr. Friedhelm Hengsbach was a special guest. As a professor emeritus of Christian social teaching, he has become an encouraging conversation partner for us. The current focus of the reflection is the work and pedagogy according to Pope Francis.

The weekly Bimail, that we send to our friends tells stories of social and youth work in a way that biblical forces are set free. This resulted in a book last year:
Mit Feuer vom Himmel. Neue Geschichten von Elijah und seinen Raben. Amalthea Verlag 2019, available in bookshops or from Amalthea Verlag.