Community and Spirituality

The innermost circle of our work pulsates in "Le Chaim" in Marpod. Here the community meets daily for morning prayer, which is prepared and led by a different youth every week. In the evening we celebrate mass with Father Georg and eat. On holidays we fill the Catholic church in the village. The church has become a social center.

In "Casa Elijah" in Hosman all volunteers meet for exchange and in their free time. Often benefactors and interested parties come and let themselves be touched by the social spirit of the prophet Elijah. That is why the house is called "Prophet School".

"Casa Elijah" is closely connected to the "Casa Petru", in which the volunteers are accommodated. There is also accommodation for children who suddenly find themselves in need.

We started with a Bible school as an offer for employees. 26 participants have registered. We sit down for two hours every 14 days. As a highlight, a pilgrimage to Jerusalem is planned.