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ELIJAH » Our Projects » A volunteer from Tyrol: Martin

A volunteer from Tyrol: Martin

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“This year I volunteered for the Elijah project for the second time. My job was to help set up an agriculture that could be used both as a training center for interested young people and for self-sufficiency to serve the organization with fresh products.

The first exciting point about working in Romania is the fact that you are confronted with a completely new world, with a foreign language, history and culture. For me, one of the biggest differences to Austria is the openness and hospitality of Romanian. So it wasn’t difficult for me to make friends in the village. I felt welcome from the first moment and, thanks to the patience and interest of the village community, I learned to communicate in Romanian relatively quickly. Second, I have seldom learned so much for life in such a short period of time. In Romania people still know a lot about agricultural working methods that we haven’t used for years because they have been replaced by machines. Mowing is done by hand with a scythe and plowed with a horse.

Of course you can also see the problems people have to struggle with every day. The horse is an example of this: As a livestock, it is vital for many to earn money from hauling. In order to get through the winter, however, the families are forced to steal grass. Despite the difficult conditions, people always rush to help quickly and try to find a good solution together.

It is a good feeling as a young person to experience so much gratitude. It’s nice to know that you are needed and that you can make a difference. I really enjoyed my time in Romania and came back to Austria endriched, with many experiences and friends. “

Martin Gabl from Tyrol, 19