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Butcher’s shop

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Improvement of self-sufficiency

The butcher’s shop is part of the agricultural project with pig farming, vegetable growing and agriculture, which is to serve the villagers as a model. Thus, the apprentices learn all activities – from rearing and husbandry to meat processing. The goal is a sheltered job or good practical training to find a job or to become self-sufficient. The project multiplies job opportunities on the open market. There are numerous farms around Sibiu and a large meat processing plant is located in the neighboring village.

Courses for families
Many villagers keep pigs and chickens supported by our project. Animals are a status symbol and important supply. The knowledge of preserving meat and hygiene is taught to the Roma in courses. In the future, the families will process their own pigs in the ELIJAH premises and will be looked after and supported.

In addition, the butcher´s shop supply our social centers and the entire ELIJAH community with meat and sausage products.

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