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2022 Second start-up flat (Nov) The second start-up flat in Sibiu for young graduates has been completed. Four more girls who lived in the Casa… Read More »2022


2020 Marpod full of energy (Oct/Nov) Every corner of our new center in Marpod is busy – it is being built, furnished and filled with… Read More »2020


2019 Dormitory in Sibiu In the remote villages there are no further training opportunities for young people after eight years of compulsory schooling. These are… Read More »2019


2017 Settlement “Cartier Marghita” in Nocrich A neglected Roma settlement in Nocrich is being transformed into family homes with blooming gardens. With the active support… Read More »2017


2015 Weaving in Ţichindeal Casa Corb in Tichindeal houses our workshops, a bakery and handicrafts. In 2015, we have expanded the barn with a new,… Read More »2015