ELIJAH is the place where hugs eplace the daily “Hello” – the kind of hugs that recharge the soul and remind us that we are all sons and daughters of the same Father. Father Georg, Angela King and Ruth are brightening our days with just a simple smile every time we meet.

My soul is singing when I see the smiles on children’s faces as they enter our social centre, when I watch their educational and social abilities grow with each day they spend at the centre, learning form us – the educators.

Our children – because once they step inside the social centre, these children become OUR CHILDREN – they are full of Life, full of warmth and love. These children are doing a wonderful job at adjusting to a harmonious way of interaction, given that they come from extremely unsanitary environments on social and economical levels, and they open up out of love for us – their educators.

It’s charming to see how a simple “Thenk You” becomes routine for a child to whom, before coming to our social centre, nobody has ever thanked for anything. By receiving this heartfelt “Thank you”, the child learns to offer it in return and to pay it forward in their community.

Through ELIJAH, Faith is offering me the chance to give a part of me, of what I have become, oof what I have learned, as well as the opportunity to constantly perfect myself through the work I do with these children full of Life and Joy.