I was 12 year old and I had so any dreams… I was dreaming to become a happy saint, a missionary of joy whose happiness would come from the happiness of others and I was dreaming of not letting a day pass without making somebody a little bit happier. I’ve always been fascinated by people and by the fact that each one of us has the power to make other happy or sad. Now my age has doubled – I’m 24 years old and I dream of being HUMAN… Now I know for sure that the most important thing is not to make others happy but to make them feel loved, accepted, listened to, understood… to feel HUMAN. And at ELIJAH I have this chance every day, every moment, with every person I meet, with every child who jumps into my arms.

If just one person understands, through us, how loved and precious they are, simply because they ARE, and how much power they have to pass this onto others, then our mission is fulfilled.