39 years ago I was born in Bucharest, my mother lived on the street – she still does today. My sister died on the street. My daughter was born 24 years ago – I took her to a hospital because I could not have looked after her sufficiently. She then joined a foster family. Father Georg and Ruth Zenkert helped me to get off the street in Bucharest and taught me everything I know today: how to cook, clean and organise my own life.

Now I am employed at Elijah: I work in the kitchen, prepare our guest rooms and support my friend Angela in the vegetable garden during the warm season. Here in Hosman I really like it: All around you can see mountains that are beautifully snow-covered in winter. Elijah means a lot to me, because here I can pass on everything I have learned to others. I grew up on the street, today I have a good life with Elijah. I also see myself as an ambassador for our guests, so that they can see how important the Elijah project is for many people.