Ceramik from Marpod (March)

The enlarged pottery workshop in Marpod is busy, and with it another branch of training for women and young people. A first workshop on ceramic art took place and aroused great interest. Beautiful bowls, jugs and ceramic ravens are created.

Cartier Caroline: More housing in Nou (January/February)

Six Roma families could already move in new houses. Foundations for five more houses protrude from the snow. The new houses nestle nicely on the roadside above the village. The families have moved up - from the misery in the huts down by the stream. Here they are warm in their permanent houses, for the first time with water in the house and their own toilet.

Sucessful end of first semester (January)

All children have completed their first semester in school via online lessons, many of them even with excellent grades. We have set up old computers in all social centers so that the children can follow the online lessons. Afterward classes, our educators help with homework.