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My name is Adrian, but for the kids I am “Mr. Teacher”. I teach woodwind instruments and we try all musical genres. Since 2013 I’ve been a teacher at “Casa Thomas” Music School and I remember that I started out very shy, with kindness, humanity and fear of God. I was teaching music to some very talented children from Nou and the surrounding villages. They all came to Thomas. Because of the lightning fast progress of these young and talented youngsters, they got the name “Veselijah” and they were representing the very joy of music and the miracle of transformation.

Since 2013 we’ve had many generations of children and young adults at Thomas and all of them, without exception have learned to play an instrument. Very few have left, but the rest are still here! Many of those from the first generation are now working, but they are never too tired to come to repetitions or to our concerts. This means that ELIJAH’s mission has fulfilled, and maybe even surpassed, its purpose: to have confidence in these kids, and they return again and again full of gratitude. For this I am grateful to the organization: they knew these children are “miracles”, and I had the opportunity to discover them and become their friend!

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