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ELIJAH » Prophet Elijah

Prophet Elijah

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The prophet and helper

ELIJAH fights for justice with fire from heaven. He helps out in famine. He brings a widow’s child back to life. He bravely takes on an unjust queen. At the end of his life he is taken to heaven in the chariot of fire. He leaves behind a school of prophets with many helpers. ELIJAH paves the way for the Messiah.

We got the name for our social organisation from the prophet.

The ravens of ELIJAH

Ravens came to ELIJAH when he had to flee. He hid by the Kerit brook. The Bible reports: ‘The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and in the evening.’ (1 Kings 17,6)

Friends hand us the bread that we pass on to the hungry. The children give us great tasks and fill our hearts with joy. Our children and friends are like the ravens of ELIJAH who entrust us with what is necessary.

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