To life (November)

Marpod house number 111: there is a lot of activity in the courtyard, a village within a village. There is pottery, music, cooking and praying together. The home of Ruth Zenkert and Father Georg Sporschill becomes a center for exchange, regeneration and the creation of strength. For the residents of the "comunitate" the morning prayer, long walks and encounters with interested visitors strengthen the feeling of being part of a large family. Be it Roma children, Jesuits, young volunteers or animals.

The court was therefore baptized “Le Chaim”, translated from Hebrew it means “To life”. Because it is confirmed every day that it is a source of life, a place of arrival and security.

The fire trucks of our time (October)

Fire fighters from Vorarlberg not only bring all kinds of good sausages, dishes and bicycles from their homeland, but also two professionals. These get the wheels rolling again and lay the foundation for a “clinica de bicicletele” at the building yard in Marpod. For a week, Tudor, a Romanian employee, is busy screwing and oiling. He can use his newly acquired knowledge to ensure the long-term maintenance of the donated bicycles and teach young bicycle healers how to handle gears, steering and lights. Bilingual labeled boxes on dynamos, brake cables, in short everything about the modern fire truck are ready.

Blessing for a new children's house in Hosman (September)

Casa Ilie, a house for twelve children named after the prophet ELIJAH, was ceremoniously opened. The Orthodox Father Câlin and Father Georg Sporschill SJ have blessed every single child and the house.
Between the ages of 7 and 15, they come from Sibiu and the surrounding area, from difficult families. ELIJAH is breaking new ground, the protégés come directly from the youth welfare office. You will visit the local school and be with the children from the social center and from the music school.

Opening of the social center in Marpod (October)

The new Sokeres social center in Marpod opened its doors in fall. The children from the village come to eat, study and play. They feel comfortable in the protected environment. There is a consulting room for the parents. ELIJAH is only just beginning here, the friendships with families and children are growing.

Raven dance again (July)

The traditional raven dance of ELIJAH could take place again this summer, but only on a small scale.
During the whole Corona year, the prospect of this festival was a great incentive for children and young people to make music, sing and dance in order to prepare for the big day.
It took place in both music schools, in Hosman and in Nou - to enable that many parents as possible could take part.

Finally spring! (May)

Our children are excited being outdoors again! They play in front of the municipal library in Marpod, which ELIJAH is allowed to use as a social center. Social workers help with school homework and look after students in the afternoons.

The ball is running again (April)

Despite the weather, the social centre Casa Martin organized a small football tournament. Teams from Tichindeal, Marpod, Nocrich, Hosman and Nou could take part. The medals were worn by the children with pride!

Ceramik from Marpod (March)

The enlarged pottery in Marpod is a further qualification center for youth and women. A first workshop on ceramic art took place and arose great interest. Beautiful bowls, jugs and ceramic ravens were created.

Housing Cartier Caroline (January/February)

There are six houses to which Roma families have already moved in. Foundations for five more houses are already laid. The new housingnestle nicely to the roadside above the village. The families have moved up - from the misery in the huts down by the stream up to permanent houses. For the first time they enjoy having water and their own toilet in the house.

Successful end of the school term (January)

All children have completed their first semester, many of them even with excellent grades. We have set up old computers at all our social centres with which the children can follow online lessons. Our educators will then help with homework.