Weaving in Ţichindeal

Casa Corb in Tichindeal houses our workshops, a bakery and handicrafts. In 2015, we have expanded the barn with a new, bright work space. In partnership with the Vorarlberg company Tisca, Roma women learn to weave carpets on four handlooms. 2015 eight women have got a job as weavers not far from their home. Their life no longer consists only of family care, houswork, farming, cooking and dependence on their husband's daily income. They can take care of their children independently and have a task in life. They can act independently, which strengthens their self-confidence.

Gardening in Hosman und Ţichindeal

Self-sufficiency plays an important role for the destitute Roma families. Groceries are thirty percent more expensive in the village than in the city, and only a few can afford the bus into the city. Many families grow vegetables themselves, but only the varieties they know. The variety, balance, fertility of the soil, composting and processing options are limited. We started growing vegetables in our gardens in 2015. The local population learns planting, rearing and caring in educational gardens and seminars, Many of them help with the harvest. Families with sufficient experience can take over gardening projects and operate independently. The seeds are growing. We achieve self-sufficiency, training and jobs.