Social center Casa Thomas in Nou

In 1912, the house was built by the community in Nou. Until 1991 it was an elementary school where lessons were taught in German.
ELIJAH was able to buy the ruin and build a social centre out of it. The house bears the name of the apostle Thomas. In memory of Thomas Kowald. His father Josef Kowald generously ensured that Thomas continues to live in this house for children and needy persons. The social centre provides warmth, light, water, meals, supplies, work, learning assistance and music to the children and needy persons of Nou.

Winterproof housing in Ţichindeal, Hosman and Nou

Large Roma families live in mud huts, hardly protected from the cold and rain. A warm, safe home brings new vitality and self-confidence. We are creating this very important living space with space for the little ones through seven house projects in Tichindeal, Hosman and Nou. Numerous families can now live in several rooms with a bathroom.

Carpentry in Hosman

We have renovated an old barn and bought machines and tools for our new wood workshop. Under the guidance of a Romanian master, young Roma manufacture stools, boxes and beds for their own needs or carry out restoration and renovation work. Guest rooms, warehouses and offices are being equipped with the furniture, and the houses of employees and villagers are being repaired. In addition to the techniques of woodwork, some young people still need tutoring in basic arithmetic, writing, and reading. Discipline, punctuality and perseverance are the greatest challenges for the apprentices.