First ELIJAH-building in Hosman

In March 2012, Elijah bought Casa Petru from a Saxon family, which ran a tannery here. The family carefully looked after the old workshop until they moved to Germany. Wit a heavy heart they sold their family home in Hosman, but they know that they are always welcome here. The house and workshops were renovated and serve now as our first ELIJAH social center. The former barn is our chapel. Casa Petru is open to everyone, but especially to children. We eat together, do schoolwork and handicrafts. In drummer groups children learn to find a rhythm and to express themselves. Laughter and happy sounds make the village vibrate.

A well for Ţichindeal

Nicu, a family man from settlement 77 in the remote village, has suggested digging a well on the other side of the stream. With his bare hands and a shovel, he manages it in two days. Eight metres deep, until the water comes. Men pull up the clay with a bucket. Nicu has made a frame with a pulley, using the boards of his own bed. In the following days, the people build a house next to the well. We only provided them with boards and tools. The mayor had a bridge built over the stream using oak trees from the community forest. Within a week, the Roma settlement has turned into a camp of builders. On 2 March, the inauguration of the wash house with a stove took place. Now the mothers wash their children and laundry, more and more dark faces begin to shine.

Social center Habakuk in Ţichindeal

Our new house is named after the prophet Habakkuk from the Bible. He sends lamentations and cries woe to God, in order to rejoice over his Saviour at the end: "God, the Lord, is my strength." Many children come to the social centre to gather strength. After school, they get a hot meal. Then they do homework at a long table, because there is no light and no table at home. Together they play on the playground "Parcul Livia", which is the attraction in Ziegental.


The ELIJAH bakery has been in operation since 2013. Here, six young Roma women learn how to bake. At the same time, they provide our social centres in three villages with daily bread. Many families can now afford bread in addition to the maize porridge "Mamaliga", by participating in our project. Ana, a woman from Tichindeal, runs the bakery. Together with a helper, she bakes bread every day. Once a year, a baker from Austria visits us, shows new ways of working and brings new recipes. Thus, Kornspitz, Quiche, Striezel, Linzer Torte and also Apfelstrudel were gradually added to the repertoire. And of course pizza, the most popular dish of Roma children in the social centres.

Music school Casa Sonja in Hosman

The centre of ELIJAH is the music school. It is a source of joy, which we owe to Sonja and the donor family. All who want to learn are accepted. Hundreds of children come regularly for lessons. Instruments, choir and dance conjure up dignity and pride in the faces of our children. From a disregarded minority grows talent and self-confidence. The annual highlight is the music workshop with the "Sibiblue Friendship Band" from Vienna and the summer festival "Rabentanz", which we celebrate with the poeple from our five villages.